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I am looking to get a tv show idea produced.  However, all production companies I have talked with only accept submissions that are requested.  How in the world can an "outsider" get submission looked at?  ANY help would be great!  Thanks!

ANSWER: Hey Jill,

Please excuse my delay in responding...have been on the road here a bit......

Basically, unless you have the money or serious backing of some heavy hitter advertising, as an "outsider" your chances of being produced are much diminished. You may have an idea, but there are so many questions that go with it.....

As I have mentioned here, just look at the production companies at the tail end of sitcoms and dramatic shows on television. Ever see the same one twice? Of course.....Once you get in the circle and can prove you can produce you are in the club! This is where the independent folks have come form in movies and on TV....every now and again someone sneaks in.....

I don't really have any "insider" information other than you can just keep trying and maybe someone will believe in your product as you do!

Best of luck to you!

Patrick Murray

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Patrick,

Thank you for your response!  I have one more question for regards to the idea, what are some of the other "many questions that go with it"?  

I do understand that this is a sort of a "club" that doesn't allow outsiders.  And I have researched those who have "squeezed" through the closed door, and almost all of them seem to have started their own production company.  Since this is seriously far from what I can expect to do (being a stay at home mom), is there ever going to be a light at the end?  LOL  

Seems like everyone I have talked with in LA or NY have been very nice, but doesn't have time to listen to anything I have to say.  They always wish me "best of luck" and hang up!!  I feel like screaming, "Instead of wishing me luck, just listen to this tv show pitch and we both won't need any luck, we will just need to figure out what to do with all the money we make from it!"  BUT, that's just the problem, no one has time to even listen to a tag line about the TV show idea.  How can you sell something that no one even knows about?     

I guess that the only thing I have going in my favor is that this tv show idea has been copyrighted.  

Any ideas on how to get someone in the "club" to listen?


Hey Jill....

I hear you loud and clear...Once again the answer is without money and influence here, you do not have a really big shot at a network taking a peek at this....and as to the questions...

Well for my part here, since I do not know your idea, I am not able to gauge an idea at production costs, talent costs, location and or/sets, and so on.....And in all honesty, from your quick notes here, I don't know if you work in the business or just have an idea and are looking to produce it...

All I really got here was you had an idea and now I know it is copyrighted - so that is good. But that is also another reason that people do not wish to speak to you...If you start to explain your basic idea, someone rejects it, and then produces a show on it - whoops  - lawsuit! But if they don't know the idea, they cant be accused of anything...

I have heard of music performers acting like that....someone walks up with a CD and says "Hey - you should listen to this!" and almost always they just politely turn them down and let it go for the same reason - they don't want to have an idea in their idea in their head with someone else's lyrics!

Now having said all of this, I would be happy to have the conversation with you about your show or getting it done if you wanted to chat by phone. This gets to be my really busy time in sports, but I am sure we can carve out some time to discuss your idea. If you would like to send me an e-mail address in private as a return to this, I would send you my contact info and we can go from there....whatever you would like to do....

But short of that, I still don't have good answer for you as it takes time and money to get the "greenlight" for a show on a national basis....maybe we can explore some other options that may work as well...

In any event, thanks for stopping by - all the best!

Patrick Murray  


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