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Brother & Sister Problems/taking showers with my brother


Pam wrote at 2014-07-02 18:58:33
There nothing wrong with it as long you both respect each other. This can been a very close relationship and be a gift for each other with your curiously, puzzle about things as long you do not do anything sexual with each other. Nudity is not sexually but there are those who do. You must protect each other and be sure others do not get involve in this. The reason why is that it can lead to something you do not what to happen. Other girls do not have the same rights you have with your brother, and the same goes with his friends. Your grandmother does not have the same rights. She can not see him naked. Do not go around the neighborhood talking about this because you get sexually things being said. I did the same with my brother and sister. My daughter does the same with my nephew.  

Brother & Sister Problems

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I have five brothers and sisters and a few in-laws. I know how frustrating they can be but I also know ways that you can become closer to them. I know that sometimes you want to be an only child but, trust me, your siblings are the best support group you will ever have. Building a relationship with them is very important with them and I would be happy to help in any way that I can. Please include your age with you answer.


I have a lot of siblings and so do my friends and between us all I've been through almost everything possible.

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