Brother & Sister Problems/problems with my sisters


my sister and i fight because of the  tv remote
what should i do?????

Hey Renata!

   Are the shows both of you are watching are in the same time? If not, you could let her borrow the remote when the show she's watching is showing, and you get the remote if the show you are watching is showing. If it is at the same time, maybe you both should compromise, today yours, tomorrow hers.


Brother & Sister Problems

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I can help you bring back your relationship with your siblings, or i can just give you some tips on how to minimize your fighting.


I have 3 siblings (an older sister, and 2 younger brothers) who I have fights with almost everyday. I know how fun it is to be the culprit, how hurting it is to be the victim, and how sad it is to be the witness.

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