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Brother & Sister Problems/my brother doesn't listen (Reply)


so my brother is sort of on the side. i tell him to get a girlfriend and he says that all he needs is his ps3 and that when he does want a girlfriend at school he would ask someone out and they would tell them no and he would call them fat and ugly and worthless. all because the girl wouldn't go out with him, he would make fun of them. then soon after other girls would notice his rudeness and would call him stupid and then spread rumors about him. then he hardly had any friends because of the way he would treat girls. my friend would tell him that he is rude to women and is disrespectful. and he wouldn't care and say that all girls are stupid and all of them come to me and say horrible things about him to me and they say their sorry that i live with him. and my friends realize that he treats me the same way and he does to tell the truth. he says that he is fine without a woman for the he rest of his life. what should do i do?

Boys often go through these types of things.Don't push him to get a girlfriend though, he will when he is ready. Hope this helps, if not feel free to reply back. Also if you gave me his age it may help.


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