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Hello ma'am,

I myself am a seventeen year old girl from India (thus falling in the teenage category.) But this query does not concern me. It is about my brother, who is 14.

I have always been a studious and obedient child, somehow never had many friends, and definitely never got involved with someone or developed a liking.

He is 14, and I have a feeling that he has an inclination towards a girl. I do not know if there exists a relationship, or if there ever existed.

I know that might not seem a big deal, but in our area, it definitely isn't a good thing to get associated to such things.

The thing is that I want him to know that I in the end am someone who's in the same school, and that I have been through that age and I know what all can happen. I basically want him to take me in his confidence and share everything with me.

One of the reasons being, he is very easily influenced, and I am scared about his going beyond any limits only to appear cool.

Another thing that I believe I should mention is that idk if i am even right, maybe i am a lil too boring and maybe whatever he does is just fine. But I am scared about him.

And, i can share this with my parents, that won't be a problem. But i dont want to, because i want this to be a long term thing, i want him to know that i am there for him no matter what.

I am scared he does not feel so abt me.

Can you please help?

And can you please tell me how do i broach the subject?

Thanks a lot ma'am.


Hello Ana, I think that you should try to talk to him about it. You should say what you just said to me, about how you know how it is and not to do it just to be cool. If there is a relationship, you should talk to your parents about it. I hope this helps and if you want, please feel free to ask a follow up question!  

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