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ML wrote at 2013-01-01 10:33:41
Hi, I also have a son with autism and the way I understand this with Buddhism is something like this: karma doesn't mean punishment, karma means causes and consequences. We've al made the causes that brought us here, to this moment of our lives, that's karma, forget about good or bad, it's more about entanglement. We come to this life to learn so before we come we get to chose some things about our next life, we made that decision according to the lessons we need to learn, so we chose the parents we thought would help us better to learn those lessons, we chose also some conditions, illnesses, but we couldn't chose exactly whatever we wanted, we had some options and some lessons to learn. I've been studying about autism although it's still kinda new for me. I know my son chose me and both our karmas brought us together to learn our lessons, he's with me because I can help him in this task and I have him because he's also my teacher and my companion in this journey. I waited 6 years after married to have him and I was dying to have a baby since I was a teenager but it never seemed to be the perfect time until 2009 when my husband and I finally felt it was the right time. As I had been waiting for this for so long I was wondering why I needed to learn and to prepare so much to have a kid and now I know, my little autistic kid is very special and that's why, if I had have him 6 years ago I would have been a different kind of mother and that's not what he needed, (plus he must have been somewhere else). This is meant to be, it's hard but we'll learn together in this lifetime.


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