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Esther wrote at 2009-10-14 09:00:21
As someone who was brought up as a Christian myself and as someone who has practised Tibetan Buddhism for about 6 years now, I would like to add a couple of things to this answer.

Firstly, I have only experienced an OBE once, and that was during sleep while listening to a lucid dreaming induction CD.  However this has given me first-hand experience of the feeling of leaving my body and re-entering it. I am struggling with the same question: what to do with these experiences, or if I find myself having an OBE again?  

For my answer to this, I look to the Tibetan teachings on Dream Yoga, which is essentially a practice to do when you become lucid (ie fully aware) within your dreams.  Once you realise you are dreaming, you are able to control your dreams.  In the same way, once you are out of your body, you should be able to control where you go (though this may take some practice).  So the guidance for once you are within this state, is to invoke the embodiment of Enlightenment for you - and this is where your Christian meditation student would invoke the presence of Jesus (rather than the Buddha for example), and aim to pray or say the Christian meditation mantra whilst in the OBE state.  

Perhaps your student has questions that he/she would like to ask Jesus, or would just like to meet him.  Perhaps he might have some guidance. Whatever the result, genuinely invoking his presence and praying to him (or of course, God) in this state would be highly beneficial.

Having said all this, I have to agree with the answer already given, that attachment to these experiences would be a hidrance on the path, and what is the measure of a true practitioner is how they live their lives in the post-meditation phase, how much love compassion and wisdom they are able to manifest is what counts in the end.  

Hope this helps,


EEYYEESEE wrote at 2014-07-02 20:38:05
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