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Buddhists/Karmic effects on "beauty"?


meth0d wrote at 2011-04-16 04:41:03
First of all, if  (such as compassion, kindness and overall moral goodness) is the same it is impossible for one to be beautiful and the other ugly.  good looking people are often geniune in the way they communicate with people while ugly one's may think something else as they are talking or are envious.

CD wrote at 2013-06-13 12:32:31
My definition of karma is a little different.  How did rich families achieve being wealthy? Was it by being good to others?? No.  It was by working hard, saving, creating businesses, taking investment risks on their own, and teaching this knowledge to their children.  How did people achieve being beautiful? It was by serious grooming, remaining healthy and attracting a mate slightly better looking than them; not by being nice to the ugly guy who was courting them.  So if there's karma, perhaps you're born in a bloodline you influenced in the past or you take on where you left off.  One doesn't become wealthy by being 'good' or suffering or being happy despite being rich or ugly.  Plus, there still is a wheel of fortune.  We all get lucky and unlucky at some point.  


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