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Kiki wrote at 2014-08-05 22:55:04
I am both Buddhist and Heathen,  and would like to offer my thoughts on the matter. I believe that Buddhism is more than just noticing things,  it  is a tried and true methodology for self realization.  It points to the ground of beingness itself. Some would say,  and I would agree with them,  that Ginnungagap is similar to the buddhist idea of the void. ( beingness? ) ( magically charged void-potentiality ) Also, neither religion believes in an "outside" creator god,  remember, Heathens believe they are the descendants of their gods. ( personifications of universal forces and principalities ) Buddhism helps you  understand that you are  a part of all things-not too dissimilar. The understanding of the law of cause and effect is very similar in both paths as well.  


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I'm a long-time practitioner in a Korean-style Zen school. I can answer questions regarding Zen, formal sitting meditation, self-inquiry, the practice of "koan" transmission, and offer the particular perspective of this school on the great life questions.


18 years of formal practice with the Kwan Um School of Zen, currently with the Empty Gate Zen Center of Berkeley, currently a "Senior Dharma Teacher" at this center, I give periodic talks and informally answer questions of students interested in Zen practice and teaching style

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