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My question is about Buddhist in postpartum after pregnancy. Do they have any rituals after giving birth or infant ceremonies? Do you know any interesting facts about what they do after birth regarding either infant or mother.

Thank you

Dear Sam,
An interesting question, but I can't tell you much. There are two reasons for that.
The first is that the focus of Buddhism is not on families, relationships and sexual relationships in the way that the Abrahamic religions are. It's focus is on more "spiritual" things. As a result, rituals associated with birth are highly coloured by the particular culture - Buddhism has spread through a wide range of cultures.
So, to be sure, it would not be unusual for children, babies and mothers to be given blessings, but there is no general Buddhist prescription for what could or should be done. Particularly Buddhist things would tend to happen later in life, as the child's understanding develops.
The second reason is simply that I myself don't know much about that side of things!
I hope that is at least a little bit of help!


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