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Ive recently had an experience with seeing some form of a dark entity.  It happened outside of my work (night shift) around midnight.  I got back from jack in the box with my lunch and parked in the outside parking lot talking to my wife on the phone.  After about 5 min I looked up and outside of my windshield about 15 ft away up in the air was a dark cloaked floating "thing" that glided from left to right.  It was approximately 4-6 sec before it glided into the tree in front of my car.  I was so shocked that I couldnt believe or understand what it was.  I played out every possible scenario but I knew that it wasnt a bird of any kind since it never flapped its wings or even moved any part of its body.  It simply glided so effortlessly left to right.  I feel i need to talk more about this because as the weeks have passed, when it happened I was 100% positive of what I saw and knew I didnt imagine it.  It seems like my mind is trying to convince me otherwise because as more and more weeks pass, I start to doubt what I had seen.  I feel like I need to find out what the reason was for seeing it since when I saw it I felt no fear, just shock.  

The interesting part about this is that Im catholic but recently I've been studying my wife's religion which is buddhism.  I started with a book called Budda by deepak chopra and in that buddhism book it actually explains that we have negative entities that try to influence us to doing things that cause us or others harm.  It teaches us that we have full control of those demons.  

Ive left a few posts here and there because I feel a strong urge to continue talking about it, however I cannot talk about this to my friends since I would sound a bit loco.

Dear H,
Deepak Chopra writes in a way that people like, but he is not really much of an authority.
Most Buddhists probably do accept that there are "entities" living on a not-quite-material plane, some of them being ill-willed, some the opposite. Most would also accept, as you imply, that if they do have ill will, their power depends on hooking into the poisons in our own minds.
It is obviously impossible to actually test what lay behind your experience, but the most obvious Buddhist recipe for protection would be to do whatever you can to cultivate compassion.
I hope that helps a bit.


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