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Is the Dhamapada part of Vajrayana scripture? What books are in the Vajrayana cannon?

Hi Alex,
No. As far as I understand it, the Dhammapada is a relatively late compilation popular amongst the Theravada. I did once hear that there is a Tibetan translation, but I have never seen it, and if it does indeed exist it is not widely known.
The Vajarayana "canon" is enormous, and there are versions that differ somewhat. Broadly it is divided into the sutras themselves and the authoritative commentaries. The sutras, in this sense, are divided into the sutras themselves and the Tantras (which also have their commentaries, and are supplemented by "treasures" that are not accepted by all schools). Buddhism *as actually practiced* relies primarily on the continuing tradition of "shastra" (commentary).
You could do worse than look at Wikipedia:
I hope that helps a bit.


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