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If there is no self who or what is reincarnated? Enlightened?
thank you

Dear Alan,
Quite a common question, and a good one.
I think it is worth bearing in mind that, according to Buddhism, ordinary people do not understand the nature of themselves.
It is not that we "have" a "self" that we have to get rid of: it is that there are certain ways of understanding "self" that we do not have now, never have had and never could have. Nonetheless, we cling to it.
When you are having a dream, are you the same person who had a different dream the night before? In simple terms, the answer is obvious: yes and no! But properly understanding that point is, you might agree, more tricky.
Just the same thing applies to the questions of what is reincarnated in what is enlightened. It can be experienced and understood, but it is very hard to put into words.
I hope that helps a little bit


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