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Hello I own a wooden buddah, male, approx 55inches high, stands on a wooden base. He is holding a solid pot, not a bowl. He waers a "cloak" which is opened out at the sides, and on the left side is adorned with small stones. Would you know from what country it is? What is the significance of the solid pot? Is it worth anything, I was told it could be antique. I really appreciate any help you can give me. Kind regards.....DEREK

Hi Derek,

He looks rather nice! First let me say that he is not from the areas that I know particularly well, but I can offer a few pointers.
1) He could be a Buddha, but that is not certain - he could be an "arhat" or a disciple of the Buddha. Someone who does know this particular style well might be able to suggest certain features to look for. He might simply be a monk. In particular, this statue has neither the head full of tight snail-like curls nor any sort of protuberance on the top, which rather points away from a Buddha figure.
2) When Theravada monks go begging their begging bowl has a lid, and looks a lot like this one, so I doubt if that fact has any special significance.
3) Certainly it *could* be an antique, but you should bear in mind the possibility that it is more or less modern, quite possibly made for the tourist trade.

Like I say, it's not my area. Try looking for people with knowledge of south-east Asia - Indonesia, Cambodia, Burma.

Good luck!


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