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I have long been interested in Buddhism and am looking in to attending classes.  There are classes in various schools where I live and was wondering if you could give me a brief summary of the differences between the 3 main schools of Buddhism.

Thanks for your help!

Hi Brittney,

Broadly, there are 3 schools of Buddhism.  Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana.  However I would consider Vajrayana to be grouped under Mahayana.

Theravada follows the Pali text of the Tipitakka, the Buddha's discourses.  It is less ritualistic.  Mahayana follows the Sanskrit text. Mahayanas are mainly the Chinese Buddhists who follow their Buddhist text in Chinese, mainly translated from Sanskrit.  However, the Chinese have their own peculiar Chinese rites and rituals.  Vajrayana is Tibetan Buddhism which originated from Tibet, and has very distinct Tibetan rites and rituals.

Fortunately, the basic teachings of the Buddha are accepted by all the 3 schools.

Wikipedia has a detailed write-up on this topic @

Hope you can visit each school, and decide which one suits your temperament.

Justin Choo


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