I have an assignment in Study Of Religion where we have to analyze a ethical dilemma in the Buddhist faith and I think I will choose to write about abortion. I am wondering how Buddhists see on that question (abortion), and whether they believe it is ethically correct or wrong, and why?
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In Buddhism, the general view is that abortion should be avoided, that is, deliberate abortion not supported by legitimate medical reason.  The rationale is of course to do with the prevention of a life from its rightful existence.  I have answered this question many times.  Below is a "copy&paste" of one of my earlier answers.

(The crux of the issue is this. Is abortion the taking of life? Another consideration to take into account is when do we treat the foetus as "alive"? In the Buddhist context, we should also consider when is the time when the foetus has consciousness. We could say, without consciousness, the foetus is not "alive". On the other hand, we could also consider that once the egg is fertilized, there is life potential. Any act to terminate this life potential can be considered killing.

It is fairly clear that Buddhists treat abortion per se as killing. Given that, Buddhists should avoid abortion.

On another note, the issue is not always so straight forward. There may be many underlying factors, constrains, circumstances, considerations and problems facing the person making the choice. It is easy to be an arm-chair critique. But to be realistic, in this cruel and uncertain world, many are forced to take actions that they would not have taken if given a choice.)

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