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Many full moons ago you sent me deatils/references/articles  of the famous Karmarpa dispute.
in the Times today they printed an article about his opposition to Suicides in Tibet. So which Karmarpa is the official one ?

I still have a copy your book on your journey to Tibet which i enjoyed reading when you first published.

Probably last saw  you on my 5oth - 16 years ago.- and then you went to Australia-Sydney? I unsuccessfully tried to trace you in 2005 when i was in Sydney.

So maybe if you are still in Midlands we could meet up again sometime.
Let me know if you are interested. I retired / happily made redundant from education in 2006.
Dharma greetings

2005 - I'd only just gone there. I did do something to try to find Dorje, but I think he had just left, and probably had his own stuff to do anyway.
You are obviously not very good at Google! I'm quite easy to find, even if I'm hard to pin down. I'm expecting to be in the Midlands in July or August for a few days. You're not in the same house are you? Still in Worcester?
Thaye Dorje is the "other" Karmapa. Orgyen Thinley (various spellings, of course) is the generally recognized one.
Let me know your e-mail address (you can make the message here "private", which I would recommend) and I'll let you know more. I look forward to hearing.
Great to hear from you!
All the best

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Yes Alex - you were a computer whizz over 20 years ago.

Was in a car accident yesterday as a passenger when a young woman jumped a redlight. Coughing and sneezing is painful on the rib cage- dukha.
My email is
Still in the same house - plenty of room !.

"PRIVATE-" do not publish

I've found out the problem. Because your original message was not marked "Private" (there is a checkbox below the main question window and above the spam trap) the software here automatically deleted your e-mail address.

If you contact me again with a new "question", you can put in your e-mail address and, provided you check that box, I will see your address but nobody else will even see that the message exists.

Look forward to hearing!



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I have practiced and studied Tibetan Buddhism in the Kagyu and Nyingma traditions since the early 1970s, and have a good knowledge of theory, history and of the struggles of trying to practice the teachings, including meditation, while leading a normal, modern life. I am also available to provide background information for journalists.


I have been a practitioner since the early 1970s; have run a small Buddhist centre in the English Midlands and was vice-president of Kagyu Benchen Ling e.V. in Germany, for whom I managed three large Buddhist summer-camps. More importantly, I maintain a habit of personal practice. I am the "owner" of the Kagyu list at Yahoo.

My first degree was an M.A. from Oxford. I later obtained a Master of Philosophy degree for a research thesis in "Initiation in Tibetan Buddhism" from Leicester University. I also have engineering and educational qualifications.

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