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Can you be both a Buddhist and a nationalist? I'm a Pan-Celtic Nationalist whose interested in Buddhism and I'm wondering if my political views (self-determination for the six Celtic nations) is compatible with Buddhism

Hi Alyssa,

The answer is very simple, at least in principle: if you work for political change through peaceful, non-violent action that does not promote hate, then of course that is compatible with Buddhism. If someone works for political change through violent methods (which necessarily promote hate), then no, that way of doing things is not compatible with Buddhism.

I hope that helps a bit!


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I have practiced and studied Tibetan Buddhism in the Kagyu and Nyingma traditions since the early 1970s, and have a good knowledge of theory, history and of the struggles of trying to practice the teachings, including meditation, while leading a normal, modern life. I am also available to provide background information for journalists.


I have been a practitioner since the early 1970s; have run a small Buddhist centre in the English Midlands and was vice-president of Kagyu Benchen Ling e.V. in Germany, for whom I managed three large Buddhist summer-camps. More importantly, I maintain a habit of personal practice. I am the "owner" of the Kagyu list at Yahoo.

My first degree was an M.A. from Oxford. I later obtained a Master of Philosophy degree for a research thesis in "Initiation in Tibetan Buddhism" from Leicester University. I also have engineering and educational qualifications.

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