It is said that many many lives ago before being born as the 1st Karmapa, the Karmapa was a high-level Bodhisattva and the Female Buddhas gave the Karmapa a crown made by their hair; the black crown.  Anyone with a pure mind and realizations could see the sacred Black Crown on the Karmapa's head, normal people cannot see it.  When the H.H the 16th Karmapa was young, when He visited H.H the 13th Dalai Lama, it is said that H.H the Dalai Lama saw the Black Crown on the Karmapa's head.  Throughout H.H the 16th karmapa's life, many people saw the invisible Black Crown, (not the replica Black Crown worn by the Karmapa in the Black Crown Ceremony).  It is said that all Karmapa incarnations would have this crown on His head.  If so, why can't realized masters like H.H the 14th Dalai Lama or other high masters see the crown on the genuine Karmapa's head?  The not genuine Karmapa would not have this crown.  All they have to do to solve the controversy is to let a realized Lama to openly see each Karmapa candidate, and if he sees the invisible crown on one Karmapa's head, that Karmapa would be the genuine Karmapa.  But, this is not happening.  I'm not sure if it is that no Lamas can see the Crown on either of the candidates or that some did and just remains silent.  Why is this so?

The past Karmapas are living Bodhisattvas and performed many miracles that no human can do. The 16th Karmapa doesn't look like a normal man, He gives you a feeling of wisdom and compassion, just by looking at his photos.  He is truly a living Bodhisattva. He recognised incarnations of other Tulkus through meditation, left footprints on stones, brought rain to drought, left footprints on water, tyed sword to knot, and knows what texts His past incarnations had written, and performed many other miracles... The written songs and poems He wrote are incredible; tone of Enlightenment.  He could talk right after birth. The 16th Karmapa also predicted the future.  These miracles H.H performed are unique to the Karmapas, as past Karmapas also performed miracles similar. Out of the two 17th Karmapa candidates, one must be the genuine reincarnation of the late 16th Karmapa, and one must be not.  Sadly, neither of them performed any miracles like the 16th Karmapa and the previous Karmapas did.  To me, by looking at their pictures, neither of them give me the profound feeling of wisdom, enlightenment, and compassion like the 16th Karmapa did.  By examining the things they did, their actions, their videos, neither look Enlightened and filled with wisdom like the 16th Karmapa.  Both seem more like normal human than an incarnation of a high level Bodhisattva, and neither seem like they are filled with wisdom and knows almost everything, like the 16th Karmapa.  They seem like they are carrying the tile because other Lamas had brought them to this place. Neither performed miracles like the 16th Karmapa and the previous Karmapas did.  Why is this so?

Furthermore, the genuine 17th Karmapa can easily end this controversy once and for all by performing some incredible qualities or miracles like H.H the 16th Karmapa and previous Karmapas did.  The genuine one can definitely do all the things the 16th Karmapa did.  Like leave footprints on water and stone, communicate with animals, tying a sword to a knot, predicting the future, bring rain to drought or memorizing the deatails of their past incarnations.  These type of miracles are normal to the Karmapas and for an incarnation to not show any of these miracle, it is pretty strange.  The real 17th Karmapa must be like the previous Karmapas; He must be filled with wisdom and know almost everything, perform miracles (many miracles)...  He would definitely show incredible qualities and perform incredible miracles.  He definitely knows that He is the true incarnation and would do things to convice others that He is.  Ogyen Trinley Dorje is a little stiff and Trinley Thaye Dorje seems like a normal man.  Neither of them astounded people with the gifts of Enlightenment, wisdom, and compassion like the previous Karmapas.  Why is this so?

> Neither of them astounded people
> with the gifts of Enlightenment,
> wisdom, and compassion like the
> previous Karmapas.  Why is this so?

Some people will tell you that at least one of them does just that on a regular basis. Some people will tell you that there is no good evidence for the earlier miracles you describe. Some people will tell you that the opportunity to see genuine "miracles" depends on having exceptional karma. Some people will tell you that the mere presence of the present Karmapa spontaneously induces astonishing insight. Some people have confidence in the Karmapa, some people don't.

Perhaps you don't have a karmic link with this Karmapa - that's OK, you may have a karmic link with someone else with high realization.

Can you rest in the true nature of your mind? The rest is speculation.


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