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I have recently purchased an app of Buddhist sutras. These are from Japan and are entitled things like heart and compassion. I find them very relaxing and moving. My question is whether these are prayers to a Diety or more like inspirational in nature. Thanks in advance for your time.

ANSWER: Hi Ovadiad,

I am unable to answer you unless I get to listen to it.  Not that I know Japanese, but I will know whether it is Japanese.  If it is in Japanese, chances are they are their version of Buddhism, if they called it Buddhism.  Buddhist chanting can be in local languages, like Chinese and Tibetan.  The more traditional Buddhist schools chant in Pali.

Justin Choo

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QUESTION: Thanks. Let me rephrase: are Buddhist sutras prayers to a Diety? Thanks again

Hi Ovadiad,

In the Theravada tradition, Suttas (suttras) are mostly the discourses of the Buddha.  The monks in those early years after the death of the Buddha, memorized his teachings by chanting them.  During those days, his teachings were not written down.  When we do chanting we are actually reciting the Buddha's teachings.  Because of the truths in his teachings, the recitation may produce positive effects, together with the vibrations of the chanting.

In Mahayana tradition, especially the Chinese version, followers chant many types of "suttras" some of which are dedicated to certain deities or Bodhisattas.

Justin Choo


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