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QUESTION: 1.    To what Faith do you belong?

2.    How long have you been an adherent?

3.    Is this the Faith of your family, or did you convert?

4.    If converted, from what Faith, why?

5.    At what age were you?

6.    What do you like best about your present Faith?

7.    What particular beliefs and practices especially appeal to you?

8.    What spiritual needs of yours are met by this Faith?

9.    What effect does your worship practice have upon you?

10.  Would you recommend your Religious Faith to others?  Why?

ANSWER: Hello Kisha,
1) I am an Advayavada Buddhist.
2) Since the early Eighties.
3) My parents were Humanists.
4) I added Advayavada Buddhism to my own Humanism.
5) 50 years old.
6) Advayavada Buddhism is a secular way of life.
7) Advayavada Buddhism attunes one to overall existence.
8) The purpose of Advayavada Buddhism is to become a true part of the whole.
9) It deepens my trust in wondrous overall existence.
10) Certainly.
Kind regards,

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you so much for responding so promptly. If it's not a bother I would like to talk to you a little further.

I am doing a Interview Report for a class I'm taking for my BA in Psych. We were to choose a religion of opposite faith, and asked these 10 questions, I choose Buddhism because I was totally ignorant to the religion and wanted to learn more.
But studying further into Buddhism, has raised my eyebrow and I'm a little more interested than what I had imagined.

So if it's not a bother heres a list  of my new questions I have for you.
1.How did you go about choosing to practice Advayavada Buddhism?
2.Where your Parents supportive or against your decision to add  Advayavada?
3.Can you be more specific when you say Advayavada Buddhism is a secular way of life.
4.Why would you recommend your faith to me? (I'm interested in your religion)
5. Are there any web sites, I can go to to ask live questions, chat are just learn more about Advayavada Buddhism from.

Thank you so much for your time.

Hello again Kisha,
1) See and /sitemap.htm
2) Implicitly supportive.
3) It is secular because it does away with unscientific beliefs and superstitions.
4) Because it is a good and positive way of life.
5) Have a look at e.g. and its blogroll.
Kind regards,


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