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Dear Justin,

Thank you for helping me with my last quesion

First, I wanted to ask you if you know if the Buddha enjoyed life after he was enlightened? It seemed to me that if he was happy he enjoyed it. Also,can monks enjoy things even though they are reaching for a higher level?

As for being in the moment, I am not sure when I am in the moment and when I am not when I am living each day. I don't think that being self-concious is really being in the moment because it isn't enjoyable. When you are absorbed in the moment and not being worried about anything else is that the "in the moment" that is talked about for Buddhist engage in?

Thank you,

Hi Lauren,

I think you need to read a bit more about Buddhism.  A good book to read is this:

Coming back to your question, you are now using your own perspective to relate to things as whether they are enjoyable or not.  What are enjoyable to us normal worldly beings are not necessarily so for those who have reached a higher spiritual level. There is a Buddhist quotation that states that Nibbana is the highest bliss.  Okay, let me give you an example.  When we were very young, our toys gave us the most enjoyment.  What about now?

For being in the present moment means clear awareness of the "here and now".  Example, when I wash the dishes, I concentrate on washing the dishes, and not thinking of anything else.  Usually our mind leads us to the past or to the future, never stays at the present moment.  When we can train ourselves to be more at the "present moment", we will be more alert of the present situation, and will not just react to situations, but instead respond rationally.  When we are at the present moment, it means we are very alert and in control of the present situation.


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