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Dear Joe
today I read Wittgenstein on solipsism. Sth like this" we are conscious  of the world but not ourself. So it imply that we must exist in order to be conscious. But we are not sure we actually exist."
I recall yr answers to me and realize that we cannot know ourselve and trying to know create suffering.
Pls comment about this

Hi Chim,
 If you don't exist who is asking the question? My teacher reduced this to , “we know that we are but don’t know who we are".  The eye sees but does not see itself, seeing is itself. Like I said before perceiving the self is to stand apart from the self yet somehow we are not our self.  In the act of separation to ‘know’ that we exist we create our self though it’s an illusion.  This subject/object duality is what makes us self conscious and at the same time creates the problem.  When this matrix is broken down we are purely ‘being’ while still having a sense of subjectivity albeit a subject that is no longer bound to its self.
I hope this helps you.


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