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Please forgive me if I am a bit wordy, in my discourse leading up to my question.  A little bit about me, I am a fledging Buddhist living in the out back of America, using primarily the internet as my teacher. First the cycle of rebirth for me is a fact and not taken on faith.
I took it upon my self to do some reading on The Dala Lamas from the first to the fourteenth and noticed they were all born in Mongolia, China or Tibet. Also I have read some of the work of Dr. Ian Stevenson's ideas on reincarnation, where most of his studies were done in India.
The question; Is Samara regional?  Example:  Should His Holiness the Fourteenth Dala Lama decide that there should be a Fifteenth Dala Lama, and he were to die in say Zurick Would the Fifteenth Dala Lama be born in Europe?
Please excuse any misspellings, I am using Opera which doesn't support this sites spell checker.

HI Charles,
Good questions indeed, so don't expect an easy answer!
Generally it is held that it is past actions, particularly habits, and their motivation that govern where you end up. In the case of high tulkus it is believed that their strong compassionate vows to help others bring them back to continue the work of their previous lives - being recognized as the Nth So-and-so allows them to work to help others in a particularly skilful way.
So it would be regional when there is a good reason, but otherwise not.
I hope that helps a bit!@


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