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Hi. I am about to start a painting of a laughing Buddah for a large wall in my dining room facing The front door in a Norther Direction. Is that OK or must a Buddah painting also face East like a statue???

Thank you,

Hello Todd,

Thank you for letting me answer your question.

From my experience, I have never heard that images of the Buddha have to specifically face one way or another strictly from a Buddhist perspective. I do know you probably do not want to put Buddhist images in your bathroom as many people consider that disrespectful.

What you may want to do is consult someone who is knowledgeable in feng shui. They would probably be able to give you an answer to your question.

Some Buddhists do consult experts in feng shui for where to place sacred objects in their homes and religious buildings but I do not believe it is required to do so.

I hope this helps and I rejoice in your painting the Buddha on your wall.

Take care and many blessings -



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