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Do you consider yourself a bodhisattva? Thanks.

Dear Tom,

Thank you for the opportunity to answer your question.

I do not consider myself a Bodhisattva for the following reasons:

1. I have never taken the Bodhisattva vow

One cannot become a Bodhisattva accidentally. You must first choose to voluntary desire to be one. Then you must repeatedly make the vow and then work towards achieving that goal.

2. I do not want to be a bodhisattva

I prefer to try to achieve full enlightenment for myself in this life, rather than voluntarily postponing my enlightenment for many more eons. A Bodhisattva must postpone their enlightenment for the sake for trying to help others become enlightened in a far off future life.

3. I have had enough of suffering

I have experienced enough suffering in my life and have observed the suffering of others, enough to fully realize this world is not a place I would ever want to voluntarily want to come back to. I desire to be free from suffering as soon as possible, that means enlightenment as soon as possible. Therefore to be a bodhisattva would be contrary to my current set of beliefs.

4. I do not see myself as a savior of the world type.

I was not built to be a Jesus, a Buddha, a Gandhi.... I was built as a regular person with regular person effort and flaw. I do not feel the ego that pushes me to be a world savior.... I feel that is beyond me. But I do feel that saving myself is within my reach (hopefully).

I hope that I have sufficiently answered your question. If you have any other questions please feel free to ask.


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