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How do psychopaths get into the human realm?  I am assuming that a psychopath entity is coming from a lower realm into a higher realm, but maybe I am wrong.  How does the system work in regards to psychopaths?

Hi Jim,

Rebirth and kamma concepts cannot be fully understood.  They are beyond human understanding to the fullest.  What we can understand is that our existence has a great deal to do with our kamma.  Being born a human doesn't mean we are better than the others.  Look around us, millions of humans are less fortunate than some lucky animals especially household pets like dogs and cats.  What we can deduce is that there is always this imperfection in this world, which the Buddha termed "dukkha" which can be generally translated as "difficult to bear".  

Some people may want to give you specific answers that if the person is such and such then this person will be reborn to such and such realm.  It is not that simple and clearcut.

Hope this answer your query.


Justin Choo  


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