Dear Sir,

What is your opinion on when a person is faced with the same issues like a pattern. Are their karmic correlations??

Like A person always end up getting hurt and abandoned no matter how much They give into the relationship.

What seems strange is that there is a serious pattern!!

Does God punish someome who hurts a person  who love you unconditionally, but u stab them in the back

Hi Supriya,

First, Buddhists do not subscribe to the belief of the existance of an all-powerful God.  Certain percentage of one's life is the results of past kamma.  However there is also the power of one's will and ability to direct one's life.  Usually when there is a recurrant pattern, the possibility is due to one's incorrect manner of conducting one's life, although external influences may also cause the problem.  

We cannot pinpoint or blame on solely one aspect.  There is a mixed correlation of so many factors; also depending on individual cases.  One factor is for sure.  Present actions, good and bad will produce corresponding results, here and now, if not later.

Hope this helps.

Justin Choo  


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