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How and why does SGI Buddhism have a poor reputation? I have never heard this before!

Hi Jennifer,

I haven't looked closely at SGI, so I can't give a considered and informed answer. What I *can* do is tell you what people say, which is that it is shallow and encourages a "blind faith" approach. It is also said that members chant just for merit that brings material prosperity rather than dealing with the issue of suffering that is central to Buddhism.

I must stress again that I don't know any practitioners, and haven't studied it at all, so I'm not making any judgement about whether these criticisms are well-founded. I'm just telling you, since you ask, that these are the things that people say.


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Alex Wilding


I have practiced and studied Tibetan Buddhism in the Kagyu and Nyingma traditions since the early 1970s, and have a good knowledge of theory, history and of the struggles of trying to practice the teachings, including meditation, while leading a normal, modern life. I am also available to provide background information for journalists.


I have been a practitioner since the early 1970s; have run a small Buddhist centre in the English Midlands and was vice-president of Kagyu Benchen Ling e.V. in Germany, for whom I managed three large Buddhist summer-camps. More importantly, I maintain a habit of personal practice. I am the "owner" of the Kagyu list at Yahoo.

My first degree was an M.A. from Oxford. I later obtained a Master of Philosophy degree for a research thesis in "Initiation in Tibetan Buddhism" from Leicester University. I also have engineering and educational qualifications.

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