I am starting to realize the importance in being present in
This moment, but I was wondering how you deal with the things
In life that, by their very nature, take you out of the present ? A few
Examples would be planing your schedule, or things that need to be done,
Setting goals for yourself, etc.  Thank you !

Moment-to-moment, whatever you're doing, just do it. When it's time to eat, just eat. When it's time to sleep, just sleep. When it's time to make a schedule, just make a schedule.

Don't hold onto your wants, your likes or dislikes. There's nothing in the world that takes you out of the present.


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Stuart Resnick


I'm a long-time practitioner in a Korean-style Zen school. I can answer questions regarding Zen, formal sitting meditation, self-inquiry, the practice of "koan" transmission, and offer the particular perspective of this school on the great life questions.


18 years of formal practice with the Kwan Um School of Zen, currently with the Empty Gate Zen Center of Berkeley, currently a "Senior Dharma Teacher" at this center, I give periodic talks and informally answer questions of students interested in Zen practice and teaching style

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