Puzzle Directions
Puzzle Directions  

Hello! My name's Cheyenne and I'm in high school. Recently, my anatomy teacher gave me a puzzle to solve in order to unlock a secret treasure. I know it sounds dumb, but that's what my high school consists of. Anyways, the puzzle talks about the Buddhist calendar and the year 1011. Here's a picture. I hope you can help us solve it. Thanks!
P.S. My teacher gave us hints that include architecture, cryptography, and world music. Pictures of the puzzles are attached.

Hi Cheyenne,

I am sorry I can't help you as this has nothing to do with Buddhism.  

Perhaps just my 2 cents worth of observation.  Your teacher is just adding a bit of exotic mystery by bringing in the term "Buddhist Calender" to further "confuse" you and make the riddle more interesting and complicated.  It is certainly not a Buddhist calender, as there is no such thing as a Buddhist calender.  You need to think outside the box and need not relate your search to Buddhism.

Wish you success in your search.  Take care.

Justin Choo


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