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I was wondering what a daily practice looks like for someone who
Does not live near a Temple ? There are so many aspects to Buddhism/Zen that
You could focus on, it is hard to layout a practice and not feel as if you might
Be overlooking something important. Thank you for your time ;)

Most important is to keep a Big Question. Closely examine your just-now experience. If you ask "What am I?" strongly and sincerely, it cuts off all ideas. What remains is only "Don't Know," a before-thinking mind that reflects each moment like a clear mirror.

If you have a temple nearby where you can practice with other people, you can try sitting still and silent while keeping this clear, Don't Know mind. If that's not possible, you can do sitting practice in your home.

Even if your life circumstances make it difficult to do formal sitting practice, you can keep the Big Question and the clear Don't Know in the midst of daily life. Pay attention, moment-to-moment, to each situation, to whatever you're doing right now. When you remember to do so, bring up the great question "What am I?" and use the questioning to return over and over to a clear, before-thinking mind.


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I'm a long-time practitioner in a Korean-style Zen school. I can answer questions regarding Zen, formal sitting meditation, self-inquiry, the practice of "koan" transmission, and offer the particular perspective of this school on the great life questions.


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