QUESTION: Respected Sir,
        Can you tell me or show me a scripture in which it is written that chastity can be regained again. I am very upset about this.     .

ANSWER: I'm afraid I don't quite understand. If you are no longer a virgin, you are no longer a virgin. If you take a vow not to have sex, but then you do, the problem is between you and your preceptor - whoever gave you the vow must have an understanding of what happens if it is ever broken. You can't change the past - but why should that matter? Can you explain your difficulty more clearly, perhaps?

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QUESTION: Respected sir,
         The thing is I am 100 percent virgin.but I had some mental fantasies.I want fullest of chastity.
So can I regain my mental chastity.

I think I understand better now. What you are looking for, I think, is what we call "purification" practice. In the Vajrayana style of Buddhism that I follow (Tibetan Buddhism, you might say) we have the "Vajrasattva" practice, also called "Dorje Sempa". It involves reciting a long mantra (about 100 syllables) quite a lot of times (100,000 is common - not all at one go, of course!) together with visualization and other practices. You would, however, have to be given this practice by a qualified, authorized teacher. You can read most of the details in a book, or even on the web, but it takes a real, personal connection to a lineage of teaching an practice for it to have much effect.

I don't know if that helps, but I hope so.


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I have been a practitioner since the early 1970s; have run a small Buddhist centre in the English Midlands and was vice-president of Kagyu Benchen Ling e.V. in Germany, for whom I managed three large Buddhist summer-camps. More importantly, I maintain a habit of personal practice. I am the "owner" of the Kagyu list at Yahoo.

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