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why self immolation mostly apper on budhist budhism allow self immolation?
and according to budhism who is god?and what is the name of book of budhism?

Dear Santosh,
No responsible Buddhist leader approves of self-immolation. It is neither "allowed" nor approved of. It is done by people who feel themselves in extreme circumstances to the extent that they will go against their religion.
Many Buddhists believe in "gods" in the sense of beings on a spiritual plane who may perhaps sometimes have some power over some events in this world. But there is no supreme personal creator-god. If there were, we would not like him.
Buddhism is not a "religion of the book", but there are hundreds and hundreds of sutras said to report the Buddha's word, and many more volumes of shastras composed by experienced masters.


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I have been a practitioner since the early 1970s; have run a small Buddhist centre in the English Midlands and was vice-president of Kagyu Benchen Ling e.V. in Germany, for whom I managed three large Buddhist summer-camps. More importantly, I maintain a habit of personal practice. I am the "owner" of the Kagyu list at Yahoo.

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