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why self immolation mostly apper on budhist budhism allow self immolation?
and according to budhism who is god?and what is the name of book of budhism?

Hi santhoshreddy,

Self immolation has nothing to do with Buddhism.  Most definitely Buddhism does not condone this practice.  

It depends on how you want to interpret the term "god".  To monotheistic religion the term "God" means only one God; and he is all-powerful, all-knowing, etc.  Buddhism does not subscribe to this belief. Another definition relates to polytheistic religions which refer to their various gods.  A third definition is "any power or energy or phenomenon that maintain the existence of the universe and life".  If we refer to the third definition, then Buddhism can be said to believe in "god", but this is most probably not what you mean.  

There is, however, a special defination in the Buddhist context on the term "god". For lack of a better English word, the term "gods" are sometimes used to explain the existence of various beings existing in the "third" dimension which Buddhists believe exists.  These beings can be called angels, dieties, or whatever.  These are "gods" who are not the all-powerful.  They may have some special powers and may protect humans if both have affinities.  

The stereotyped perception of religion is that it must have a "holy" book which all believers must follow.  Buddhism does not belong to this type of religion.  However, there are records of the Buddha's teachings which followers learn from them.  These teachings are compiled in texts called the Tipitaka in Pali, or Tripitaka in Sanskrit.  You can Google "Tipitaka" to get a better idea of it is.

Hope this answers your queries.

Justin Choo  


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