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QUESTION: Are there certain types of people in particular that think more than others about the true nature of the world and wisdom?

ANSWER: Hello James -

Thanks for letting me answer your question.

I am happy to try to answer your question - but since I am not really an expert, despite what the website says, to do the question justice, I would have to know more about the question.  So, if the answer I give does not answer your question to your satisfaction, feel free to ask the question again with a bit more elaboration.

But, here is my best answer based on what I understand you to have asked:

The simple answer is yes - there are certain types of people that think more about the true nature of world and wisdom than others.

But I am not clear as to whether you want to know what types of people those might be - From my experience, people who think more than others about the true nature of the world and wisdom are those who are curious and wish to improve their relationship with the world and become better people.

Although you have written in under the category of Buddhist - people who think more than others about the true nature of the world can be in any religion or no religion at all.

It would be easy to say that from a Buddhist perspective monks, nuns, geshes and lamas think more than others about the true nature of the world and wisdom - but I know lots of lay people that think just as hard about these topics as do those who have become ordained and are supposed to be spending their time thinking about the true nature of the world and wisdom so that they can free themselves and all sentient beings from the suffering of the world.

I wish I could give you more of an answer, but as I said earlier, if you want to elaborate a bit more on your question, I can give you a more detailed answer the next time you write.

In the mean time, I hope this helps a bit - and I look forward to hearing back from you if I can be of any more assistance -

In the mean time, I wish you much wisdom and peace -

Namaste - Laurie

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Maybe people with more misfortune or people who feel the world isn't full filled with the best stuff seek these things more? Basically depressed unlucky people?

Hello again, James -

So, if I am correct, it seems you are asking if people who are basically depressed and unlucky people think more about the true nature of the world and wisdom.

Is that what you are asking?

Well, from my own experience, I was interested in the nature of the world and wisdom because negative things happened to me - I wanted to find a way out of the suffering and that lead me to thinking about the true nature of the world and wisdom and that lead me to Buddhism.

And I believe that many people who feel negative or have negative things happen to them do seek the reasons behind their unhappiness and how to improve their lives.

That said,  I know people who are happy or content who also think about the true nature of the world and wisdom.

For me, it comes down to the innate wisdom, compassion and curiosity that a person has that leads them on the quest for knowledge about how the world works and wisdom rather than their specific emotional state that a person is in.

So, to answer your question - the type of person that would seek to find out how the world really works and wisdom is as I mentioned above - those with innate wisdom, curiosity and a desire to find happiness within their lives and help others find it would be the people most likely to  discover how the true nature of the world and wisdom -

And so although a negative emotional state like depression can be a catalyst to cause someone to search for wisdom and to understand the nature of the world, it is not a person's specific emotional state that causes someone to go seeking - but the motivation they have in their minds and hearts to bring benefit to themselves and others.

Please let me know if you have any further questions or comments based on what I said -  

I hope what I said gave you at least 1 answer to your question.

In the mean time, I wish you great happiness and peace - Namaste - Laurie


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