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Hello. I was wondering if you could help me understand something that happened  to me in meditation. I had never meditated before but I read a book about it and decided to give it a try. About 10 minutes into it i stopped thinking and tasted feeling really good. This kept getting better and better until about 15 minutes into it was in absolute bliss.

The bliss only lasted a few minutes then I felt like I was falling and I was "back in my head" thinking again.

Do you know what this is/was?

Hi James,

Not many people will have experience like yours during their first encounter with meditation.  Usually the beginners will find "relaxing" or "blanking" the mind very difficult.  The first reaction or experience would usually be agitation of the aching physical body and the ever wandering mind full of stray thoughts.  

Your experience as you have described would mean to me that you were able to keep your mind relaxed and on one point.  The immediate experience will be the feeling of total relaxation and your mind in complete calmness.  In Buddhist parlance it is termed as "samadhi" in Pali.  Samadhi is the experience of total concentration of the mind such that the mind and the person maintain a spell of total stillness, called "samatha" or tranquility.  Usually this experience only lasts for a split second for beginners.  As the meditator progresses, the state of total bliss will increase in longer spell.  If this state of tranquility can be maintained for longer period, then the meditator will experience a higher state of tranquility called "jhana" or total absorption. There are four stages of jhanas, each more intense than the other.  

This type of meditative experience is through "samatha" meditation in that the meditator practises for the purpose of maintaining complete stillness of the mind by full concentration.  A further stage of meditation is called "insight" meditation or vipassana meditation where the meditator after maintaining full concentration, proceeds to meditate to gain insight into the realities of the body and existence. You can find out more about these two types of Buddhist meditation in the internet.  

Buddhist meditation is basically training of the mind to maintain tranquility and to lead the clear and tranquil mind to discern the true nature of life and existence.  It is a journey of inner mental experience.  The mission of this training of the mind is to lift up this person to live a peaceful and meaningful life and to serve others in the process.    

Hope this helps.

Justin Choo  


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