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QUESTION: I am not particularly interested in being fashionable. To me clothes are clothes, and I simply want to be comfortable without looking too lazy. lol. I was wondering if you knew where I could purchase summer shorts this time of year? Maybe they are cheaper somewhere due to the low demand this time of year? I usually shop at JcPenny's, but have found they are more pricey than I'd like. I purchased a sweat shirt there for $30, while at Target I got 2 sweat shirts and a sweat shirt with hood for $27, so yea. lol. Any thoughts on a good place or website to go to for jean shorts? I am 34W with Lee jean shorts.

P.S. You are quite lovely. I hope your man appreciates your beautiful smile. :)

ANSWER: Hi James!

Thanks for writing! Sorry for the delay--my writing got a little backed up. Yes, now is actually a good time to buy shorts. That said, there are some stores that are a season ahead, unfortunately.  Target already has out swimwear! In the future, anywhere from October through December is the absolute best time to shop for sale summer items.

I did a little searching for you. Khol's actually has some good prices(http://tinyurl.com/bc6sbuh). Depending on what you want, a lot of them are on clearance for under $20, or are on sale for "buy one, get one half off".

Are you specifically looking for Lee shorts? I found a couple of Levi's on sale (http://tinyurl.com/bgtc852 and http://tinyurl.com/b5b9fxx).  Sears also has some great options like this pair (http://tinyurl.com/acnzhzh).

But if you're set on Lee jean shorts, I can't find anything cheaper than $39 (http://tinyurl.com/a4jlzxb).

You are looking in the right places.  Sometimes you just have to dig a little to find the deals!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I am not set on Lee brand shorts, but I don't know how sizes and fits may vary between brands and I wanted to, or at least expect, to be ordering everything online and don't expect online clothes retailers to take returns. Other brands are also good if they are comfortable and fit well. Which brand would you think is the most reasonably priced?

Honestly, I think your best bet is Levi's or anything from Sears. They both have a fairly detailed sizing on their sites, so you shouldn't have a problem. Levi's are also very comparable to Lee's, size-wise.

Sears also offers a "store pickup" option, so if there's one near you, you could try that. I didn't see anything about sale returns, so I'm pretty sure you can swap it out if you need to. If you just order off the website, you can also return them as far as I know (I don't think they cover shipping, though).

Hope that helps!

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