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Hey Linsey! I am a 13 year old girl who has NO idea how to dress! I want to keep it affordable so I thought I would ask you for help! I like to dress hip and modest!

Zoey Daschanel
Zoey Daschanel  
Dear Samantha,

Thank you for writing. I clearly remember being your age and trying to find my own style. It took me sometime to find something that was a reflection of who I was. It is hard to find your own style among racks and racks of silly trends. I understand being modest as well. I still am, however as I grew up I found that when others complimented "my style" they would refer to my modesty as "class". I believe you maybe looking to be hip and classy.

The first thing I would do is find what size clothing you fit into. Have someone help you take your measurements. Check out this YouTube video to help

If you now can shop in the "juniors" department this will help to know where to begin your search. I would visit sights like They have a variety of size departments from "girls" through plus sizing. In the middle is juniors. It is inexpensive and is very hip. I am not sure where you live by used clothing stores like Buffalo Exchange has great, almost new clothes for very little money. It is helpful to buy from places like this because you will rarely find that someone you know has the same outfit. I always found it easy to be hip, and original.

Next find things you love. If you find that you love a dress but it is too love cut (or something like that) you can pin or sew it to make sure it fits your body. With some help from your folks you can YouTube how to do this. I still have to do this even though I am in my 30's. Clothes off the rack rarely fit people just right. All the stars have to get things fitted. It is one of the biggest secrets in Hollywood. JC Penney's also has really cute clothes. You can give them a try.

Remember to be yourself. When you try something on you should love the way it makes you feel. Look for clothes that create positive attention. You don't have to show lots of skin to impress. Showcasing your personality is about flattering clothing, not revealing clothing. I dress in vintage clothing (think Zoey Daschanel). Most of my dresses come to my knees or past them. I get a lot of compliments because no one dresses like that anymore. I have the feeling you already know this.

I hope this is a helpful start!


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