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This isn't so much fashion oriented but I was wondering where to buy brand names for much less than retail stores? I've read clothes have the highest retail markups of 100 to 300 percent cost. I just want to be able to but good socks without breaking the bank.

Dear James,

Thank you for writing!

It can be frustrating to be a consumer looking for quality products at reasonable prices. This is especially true when you realize that many products, despite the brand names, are manufactured in similar, if not the same, factories. The pricing seems more based on the name of the brand then the product it self.

Depending on the type of men's items you are looking for (athletic socks, dress socks, etc.) there are several "brink and mortar" locations you could visit (should they be close to you). TJ Max, Ross, Marshalls, Nordstrom Rack, etc. often have wonderful deals on designer and name brand men's items ranging from athletic wear to dress items.

Online markets like,,, and many more can offer close out deals that are worth looking into.

I hope this is helpful and that you find a great deal! After all, scientist now say that finding a bargain stimulates your brain as much as falling in love or winning an award. How about that!?

Happy Shopping!


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