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Hi, this might be a little bit out of the topic or your expertise, but I wanted to book a vacation preferably somewhere in the USA where I can go on somewhat of a snowy mountain retreat. I know i'm being a little ambiguous right now, so let me please better explain myself. I'm planning to go on this vacation alone. I have a vision of going to a place where it has all these attributes...:

Option 1: (main pick)
- Secluded
- somewhat away from the main town but still close enough to drive there.
- Must have Snow covered mountains. (TECHNICALLY A PLACE WITH AN AWESOME VIEW).
- a place where i can be all by myself with privacy.
- A place with nice tall open areas and windows for me to look out and get everything off my mind. a place where i can relax outside and just do breathing exercises or yoga or any homeopathic kind of things.
- a place where it is cold but still warm enough for me to wear a sweater outside.
- I love the mountain air and the breeze.
- an ideal place and example would be like this: http://www.homeaway.com/vacation-rental/p16280?uni_id=25017
- anything like this would be great!!!

Second option if that place cannot be found:

- some sort of homeopathic retreat with other people at the same place doing the same thing as me. (trying to get away from society). Freeing ones mind, and relax.
- Be in touch with nature.
- A place where its sort of where people go to when they are having troubles at home and need an escape for a while with people there to help you. Sort of like soul and body cleansing.
- Must be a place with wide open area, clean air, a great scenery.
- Preferably a cold place. (I love cold areas).

Yea, so that's what i'm looking for. I was wondering if by any chance you know of any places like that that you might be able to recommend to me.
Sorry for the long essay, but i hope that you can help me. Thank you. Please get back to me at your conveniences.


You'll be hard pressed to find the rolling green mountains of the Alps in the US but the Rockies has some really nice spots.  As far as getting out of town, I can't give you any place specific but I can tell you some areas where you'll prolly be able to find what you're looking for.
Mammoth, CA - has a ski mountain, but further out, you can stay in a cabin, go dog sledding or snow shoeing.
Park City, UT - same kinda deal.
Glenwood Springs, CO - has some really nice hot springs and is embedded up in the mountains.
Wyoming - has a lot of nice vistas and lot more open alone area than the above mentioned.
Alaska - if you can make it up there, this is the best option.  Lots of places to lose yourself and get away.

If you're having life troubles, it can be therapeutic to get away out on your own, but I find being with people helps even more.  I'd strongly suggest looking in those areas for places like communes, hippy camps, even spas or zen getaways.  

I'm sure there are some great spots in the Appalacians also, they definitely have a lot more open land spotted with hill people, but I've always found the Rockies more majestic.

Good luck and hope that helps.

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