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Hi I'm not sure if can help me?  I'm planning a trip to a major city that is about 3 hours away from where i live. I would like to take my wife away for a weekend to do some sight seeing and stay at a nice hotel. It will be a belated birthday gift plus its our anniversary around the time we are planning to go.

I have read many articles online that most hotels will lower your room rate or do special things like upgrade you? but you have to contact them directly?

So i have a list of about 10 hotels that i would like to stay at in this city. I'm not a person who likes to use the phone so i have been sending out emails. I'm sure thats ok right? After all most hotel websites give an email address. This trip is suppose to be 2 months from now, is this to early to get room rates and deals?

This isn't my first time doing this( trying to get a cheaper room rate). I had success about 2 months ago. I was able to get an upgraded room and free breakfast, just because i liked their facebook page and that i have never been to their hotel. Plus i got an email the other day that if i book a room with them, they will try to upgrade me.

I guess i'm just wondering if i'm doing this the right way? I suppose I'm since i have got some deals in the past.

Any advice would be great

Hi Adam,

Yes you are doing this right.  If possible I would call them, sometimes its easier to get things like this over the phone.  I would recommended that you focus on non-chain, local hotels .  You are more likely to get deals this way (though chains may be able to offer deals).  Also, see if you can get discounts other ways (memberships, reward cards, etc.).

Two months out is fine, you may actually be able to get a better deal... though some hotels offer special rates around 28 days out.  You can always ask.

Good luck!


P.S. Dont forget to check sites like to see about deals.

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