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Dear Ms. Kelleher,

I am staying in New York City this August. I am staying with relatives either for a week or two weeks. They would like me to stay for a week and then determine if I want to stay another week. How could I book a flight down from Rochester NY and still have an affordable flight back? I would need to book a week and then change the return date a day or so before I was supposed to fly home if I decided to stay another week. Normally there are huge fees for this. The other option is to buy a one way ticket and then buy another one way ticket a day or two prior to flying home. This would make the return ticket very expensive.

Any ideas on what I could do?

Thank you!



Im not Ms. Kelleher, but this question came to me.  I would check one way prices (and roundtrip) via some of the travel search websites.  If you are a student or in your mid 20s or younger take a look at  I would see if any of the airlines offer an option to cancel your ticket (with an addon) or have a rebooking policy that would work with this.  I have heard of similar things but I do not know more about them.  You may also want to try asking on a travel website.

Sorry im not more help.

P.S. Or you could just say you are staying for a week or two or maybe 1.5 weeks or something...

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