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Hi Brian,

I am wanting to take a vacation sometime next year around February or March. The trip I would like to take is an adventure style trip with other solo travelers. I have looked on trek sites and a site called G Adventures, which I really like. There are some trips that I am willing to pay for. As low as around 500 dollars.

Unfortunately, what really dampens it for me is the plane tickets. The tickets even for in the country trips (USA) easily make the total trip in the thousands. I live in West Virginia and even going from here to Colorado the ticket is around 500 dollars. What is it exactly I can do to find tickets that are at least just a couple hundred dollars. It is ridiculous for tickets to be so high. Also, I have never flown before so that is why it is all new to me.

Thanks Brian!

Hi Quentin,

Thanks for the question. Traveling is awesome so lets see if I can help you out.  One of my favorite websites for tracking flight prices is If you are not sure exactly where you want to go check out the explore feature at -- basically you put in the airport you will be leaving from and the month and it will give you some prices you may be able to get.

For flights also be sure to check surrounding airports. When we went to Hawaii we drove a few hours to save $200 a ticket -- at times smaller airports will have lower prices. Kayak and other websites will help you search nearby airports.

I also recommend looking around the web for articles about saving money on flights. A lot of times airlines will offer special deals to certain cities and what not. Also, check out -- this guy knows a ton about traveling and his suggestions will help you save money. Also, make sure you read reviews on any tourism company that you are considering.

I hope some of my suggestions are helpful. Feel free to ask any follow up questions. Have fun!

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