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i live in the sw part of the country. what is best,cheapest,time of yr,etc to get to hawaii?  is it a certain airline or certain time of yr and its for 2 people. i am referring to air travel and dont need a hotel. thanks

Hawaii is a toughy because it's nice there pretty much year round.  The more expensive times are when the mainland is the harshest, so July to August is high season and Dec to Feb.  You can find good deals any time of year, especially if you search deal sites like Groupon and go to their travel section.  
I use Orbitz to find flights, i find they're just as good as kayak or anywhere else.
Hawaii is more event based when it comes to expensive flights.  For instance, in the "winter", the waves kick up and they have a lot of big surf competitions down there.  During that time, the flight cost will also increase.  
I suggest start with Groupon, then check Orbitz and use the "flexible travel" options to compare prices at different times of year.

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