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Around last week of Aug, I'll be moving my son from TX to PA for college. We decided we'll need a full-size SUV. We plan on renting one for approx 10 days, to be returned to same location as picked up. I've checked many websites and so far Hotwire has the best price. I've never used Priceline, but testing it, I found them to be cheaper, but that might not include taxes where Hotwire does. I'm desperate to save money. Who has best rates? If I consider Priceline, what rate should I offer? Also, how far in advance should I reserve to get the best rate? Last minute is definitely not an option. Thanks for your time.


Your best bet is seeing if you qualify for a discount and book via the rental company. For example some employers offer discounts. Additionally, check other affiliations such as AARP, USAA, AAA, Costco, etc. You can also try Googling around and looking for codes you may qualify for. In my experience I have saved more money by using these codes than what is offered via the websites you mentioned.

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