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HI there

I am hand raising several 4 week old budgies and 1 of the seems to be unwell. Its abdomen is swollen like it is not going to the toilet, but its crop is empty. All other birds are the ok

Hi, Michael,

You need to take the baby budgies to an avian veterinarian as soon as possible for evaluation and possible treatment.  All Experts is not a veterinary service and it's impossible to diagnose medical problems via the internet, i.e., the birds need to be physically seen by a trained professional and probably some tests run in order to determine what the problem might be.  All the babies should be seen by a vet certified in avian practice because if one of them is sick, all of them may be, too.  There are so many things that these symptoms could indicate, so they need to be seen by an avian vet quickly (quickly because the problem may not get better and time is of the essence here).

Chrys Meatyard  


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I`ve been raising/breeding/handfeeding/selling parrots for over 20 years (parakeets/budgies, cockatiels, 6 subspecies of conures, parrotlets, amazons, lovebirds, etc.). I've been published in "Budgies" and "Cockatiels" offered by Bow Tie Productions, and have written avian articles for publication in England. I can provide advice in raising healthy birds, handfeeding/weaning babies, some health problems, nail/beak/wing clipping, general husbandry, etc. I also have experience with racing/showing homing pigeons. I cannot diagnose specific illness over this website. If you suspect your bird is ill or if you have an emergency, contact a certified avian veterinarian or emergency pet clinic ASAP.


Over 20 years breeding/raising/handfeeding/selling 15 different species of parrots.

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