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Budgies/Flakey beak and discoloration


Hi I have two parakeets. One is not friendly so I rarely get a hold of him but today while I was feeding them I noticed he has a place on his beak that is rough dark and flakey? Is it a dietary issue? They get a commercial parakeet feed but I have offered greens and fruit but they have never eaten any of it. The get a mineral supplement in their water as well.
I attached a photo of his beak.
Any ideas?

Hey Emily, thanks for the question.
Keep an eye out for mites, they are usually the culprit for beak infections. However, birds beaks are a lot like human finger nails, the grow and slough off over time. Watch for ruffled feather for extended periods of time, refusal to eat, and over-all energy. If he shows any signs of sickness you can take him to the vet and they will prescribe meds to get rid of the mites. Keep up with the vitamins in the water, and continue offering fruits and veggies. They may not take to them right away but if you give them the opportunity more than once, they are likely to catch on.



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