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Dazzy wrote at 2014-07-31 20:32:26
I saw this question 11 years after it was originally posted making the original posters age to be about 57/58 years old now. I can say at 43 that I am still a fan of Buffy and the crew even though the series has long ended. I'm glad to the watch the reruns on piviot as the show never was completed in my country but cancelled and I never got a chance to see beyond when Glory was defeated, so here I am 15 years later catching up on events that happened after that and loving it just as I did so many years ago. I hope that the op still is a fan.

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Buffy is my absolute favorite show. there`s nothing I don`t know about it. I have taken many various quizzes on the show and the characters in it. I love this show with a passion and I`d be glad to share it. So if you have any questions,any doubts,then just ask me,and you`ll have the answer.


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