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Buick/Olds/Ignition tumbler replacement


frank wrote at 2013-11-14 20:19:42
   It appears to me that this answer was a complete waste of your time. No help in telling you how to do anything except buy a book that costs $20.00 that might tell you how


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I can answer any basic questions pertaining to general maintenance of a gm vehicle. I can also elaborate on some more advance topics, such as changing radios and replacing windows and running switches for such. As far as actually breaking down the car, I am knowledged and experienced in alternators, batteries, heating and cooling and replacing head gaskets.


I am experienced in all of the above. I've never been to a technical school for what I know, just all from having not had any other option but to learn how to fix car right; because no one wants to have to do it twice

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